Anyone with babies knows that shoes just don’t stay on. They get pulled off, they get thrown out of the pushchair, they disappear in the back of the car. You spend a LOT of time retracing your steps looking for a shoe. Or sometimes it’s a glove, just to mix things up.

However, I am pleased to find that there are baby shoes that have been invented to actually STAY on a baby’s foot. Genius. We got sent a pair of Bobux shoes to try out and think they’re fantastic.

Now that’s not to say that Charlie can’t pull them off. He can if he really really puts his mind to it. But they are so soft and slipper-like that he just doesn’t notice he is even wearing shoes. In comparison, the cute furry boots I bought him from Next don’t stay on for more than 30 seconds.

I’ve seen many other babies wearing Bobux shoes but never known what brand they were. These particular shoes are soft soles for pre-walkers. It says 0-9 months, but they are perfect for Charlie at 11 months, as he’s not walking yet.

The elasticated ankle means they generally stay on, while the soft leather provides flexible support for the baby’s growing feet. The theory behind the design is that it mimics going barefoot, but protects their feet. Other stiffer shoes can actually damage a baby’s growing feet, so it’s important not to restrict them.

As the Bobux shoes get worn in, the leather gets even softer, shaping round the foot. Also at this time of year, I like to keep Charlie’s shoes on to keep his little feet warm.

With around 100 different designs of all different colours and motifs, these are a really gorgeous footwear. The only problem is that there are so many different patterns and colours it’s actually very hard to choose one.

Prices start at £19, which is great value considering how well they wear.  New Zealand-based Bobux also sell next stage shoes for first steps and also for toddlers. This is still a family company, and like the best innovations, they designed the shoe when they couldn’t find something just right for their own daughter’s needs.

We’ve actually been trying to review these shoes for a while but it’s very difficult to take photos of an 11-month-old, and I have many many photos of the back-end of Charlie as he crawls very fast in the opposite direction. Luckily I have been sent a product shot for my review.

The Bobux shoes were kindly given to us as a review product. All reviews are honest and our true opinions.



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